Dilemmas of Writing Dissertations

Dissertation writing is one of the most difficult academic activities that students come across. There are many students who simply hate the idea of writing dissertations. One of the core reasons as to why students avoid writing dissertations is that it is so long and complicated. At this academic level students do not have any margin for errors and they need to be spot on when it comes to writing dissertations. Students need to have immaculate writing and research conducting skills. In addition to that they must be way more disciplined then they used to be during their high school. They need to be way more consistent because writing dissertations take a very long time. Students need to plan things ahead and work accordingly. They need to have a proper routine to write the dissertation so that they can organize themselves and save time for other important activities as well. In this article we will highlight some of the most common dilemmas that students come across when writing dissertations. Please continue reading to find out some of the most common dissertation writing dilemmas that students come across.

Research Skills

Research work is the backbone of writing high quality dissertations and without good research conducting skills the entire process of writing dissertations become very difficult. Students need to be much more organized when it comes to conducting research. Some students lack good research skills and they fail to differentiate between authentic and unauthentic. The internet is full of information which is credible at times but also crap at times and one needs a critical and analytical eye to differentiate that. Immaculate research making skills is what dissertation writing requires and without it students do not have a chance to get through the final phase of their academic education.

Immaculate Writing Skills

At this academic level it is assumed that students have good writing skills in terms of complete command on grammar and structuring dissertation according to the basic standard. Some students indeed have very good writing skills as they do not make grammatical and structural errors. What bothers them the most is the ability to construct logical arguments backed by sold facts, figures and examples. They fail to write in a way as to persuade the audience. They lack coherence which leads to confusion among the readers. Good writing skills is indeed very important when writing dissertation but the ability to persuade the audience about a certain viewpoint is the key to writing dissertations. If a student has both the qualities then there is no way that a student cannot become successful.